-My favorite gear-

Although I don't fish them as much as I used to, my collection of Wright & Mcgill fiberglass rods is still a point of pride with me.  Old timey made in Colorado goodness.  Here's a look at part of the collection. Have questions about Wright & Mcgill or Eagle Claw?  Drop me a line at windknots1949@gmail.com or drop a comment here.  #glassisnotdead!

Fly Rods

Part of the Wright & Mcgill fiberglass collection
T.L. Johnson Synergy 4wt.
Fenwick FF75 5-6wt
Fly Reels

Got to have fly reels right?  I love collecting and fishing Orvis click/pawl reels from the 60s and 70s. These reels are made by some of the best know reel makers in the world; Hardy, J.W. Young, Shakespeare, STH, Pflueger and Hardy to name a few.

Orvis CFO III click/pawl
Sth made Orvis Presentation
Hardy made Orvis Battenkill III
BFR made Orvis Battenkill 5/6
J.W. Young made Orvis Battenkill Lightweight

I'm mostly a small stream guy and never thought nets were all that important for a 12" trout.  I did have a crappy net that rarely got used.  Now when I catch a fish I try not to handle it before releasing.  Rubberized bags help keep the fish happy and healthy.

Handmade "Pocket Water" by J Wood Flyfishing