Sunday, August 12, 2018

The trip that wasn't

Yesterday, my buddy Mark and I made plans to visit South Boulder Creek.  Although Mark and I have been friends for nearly 20 years, it would mark the first time we guys had gone out fishing without the girls. I guess the fact that I overslept and missed Mark's text sums up what my day was like.  Mark later told me that the fishing was fine but the catching was slow.

We've been going to this particular location for a long time and although I've always found the catching slow, it was always fun nonetheless.  The girls usually packed plenty of snacks and beverages so it as much a social occasion as a fishing trip. Since I failed in my attempt to fish with Mark, I thought I would post some photos from previous trips.

I was really upset for missing this opportunity to fish with a good friend. Although he won't admit it, Mark is a good fisherman.  He travels the country for his job and gets to try his hand at some Montana waters and always downplays how well he does.

Mark, we've had some fun trips together, I apologize for missing our boy;s day on South Boulder Creek, but we have the float coming up in a while.  I won't miss that!