Sunday, August 26, 2018

Famous last words...

I'm sure I've mentioned a time or over the years that my original reason for starting this blog was to sharpen my writing skills and hopefully get a book published.  Well, that didn't work out well did it?  But, like our old buddy Mark Kautz, I don't give up easily.

After reading the last post up on Northern California Trout, Mark spoke those famous last words, Old Age Sucks. Mark didn't realize it, but his words mesmerized me and put me right back on the rails.  The old train is leaving the station!  I am currently working on my last ditch effort to get that book written and published. And, thanks to Mark, I've got the title! The new book will be called Old Age Sucks and Other Famous Last Words of a Fisherman.

I'd like to ask my friends to help me and of course you will be given all proper credit.  Here are some of my favorites so far.

*  Sorry, I thought I only farted
*  I don't need a wading staff
*  Don't worry about food, we'll catch enough for dinner
*  My gear and tackle are all packed and ready to go
*  I'll just shut my eyes for another minute
*  Bear spray?
*  Don't be silly, it's just a bruise
*  These are my lucky white sunglasses
*  I got a gig as a Prostaff for Windknots & Tangled Lines and all I got was this crummy shirt
*  I used to be a master baiter before I took up fly fishing
*  Excuse me, can you help me remove this fly from my ass?
*  I'm naked under my waders!

I hope that this post finds Mark floating and pain-free in the float tube Cumberland and the best to all my old friends for continuing to live the dream!

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