Friday, August 24, 2018

And then there was fishing

I can finally report that I did in fact go fishing last Saturday.  My buddy Mark forgave me and this time I drank copious amounts of water throughout the night...virtually guaranteeing that I would be up every hour on the hour. When 7am rolled around I just stayed up.

Like last weekend, the plan was to drive to South Boulder Creek.  Neither one of us had seen a recent report to know if the water was high or low but I was just looking forward to getting out, wetting a line and spending some time with Mark.

Remember that it's August in Colorado, which means warm and humid, so I dressed appropriately-sandals, jeans and t-shirt.  Remember that in the mountains in Colorado in August it could actually be snowing!  There was no snow, but it was overcast, very windy and cold.  The river was low by about a foot (judging by the water mark on the big boulder.

Did i mention that it was windy and cold? I was miserable, but decided to suck it up and fish! (Spoiler alert!) Yeah, no pictures of fish or of me fishing. Because there aren't many easy ways to the water, I chose to fish the area I always fish because it doesn't entail climbing down boulders to reach the water. Mark chose to climb down the rocks and wandered off.

However, just to the right of the above crappy photos was a nice eddy where a good drift though the rough water would gently glide into some nice water where surely there would be a nice fish relaxing.  Sure enough, my first cast gently landed in a bunch a trees.  (Also out of the picture.)

After getting my obligatory bad cast out of the way, I used the wind to my advantage and casted way upstream.  The fly (a red-bead head pheasant tail) landed exactly in the middle of the above pictured mess and gently drifted into the eddy.  There was a strong thump, a wiggle (I swear) and my line went slack. Long story short, it was gone. I spent the next hour pulling flies out of the trees and periodically getting a good drift all to no avail. Then it started to spit rain.  Mark hadn't had any luck either, so we decided to call it a day.

Until next time...

Seen on the way home