Sunday, May 6, 2018

Tying flies saves the day!

I know that I've been on a little bit of downer lately.   I know I've been (unhappily) growing older but it's not like it was a surprise. The good news is I'm mostly over it. I found what for me seems to have mentally stemmed the downward spiral.  Tying Flies!

After a two year hiatus, I've got the bug again.

 It happened this way.  For those of you who browse the blogroll, I"m a huge fan of Kevin Fricke.  Kevin is the master behind Tenkara Rising, right here in Colorado. Although I'm not much of a Tenkara fan, I am a fan of great photography, great fishing and other local anglers that haunt some of the same waters I do, Clear Creek in particular.

What amazed me was Kevin successfully fishes Clear Creek when others fail.  Hmmm.  I noticed some time ago that Kevin readily fishes a fly called Amy's Ant.  So I started looking around for the pattern.  I found most interesting that this pattern was developed by Jack Dennis. One look sold me.

 Anything that looks this buggy has to be successful, right?  Well as you may have noticed, I've got the colors wrong.  Does that make a difference? We'll see.  I only had a very limited supply of materials and was so anxious to start tying that I decided to try with what I had on hand.

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down at the bench again and creating.  Now to give it a test run soon!