Sunday, April 1, 2018

I will not lie

Since I'm known as an honest guy who never exaggerates the truth, I've got to admit that I haven't been out yet. And I could make all sorts of far fetched excuses, but I won't. The weather has been flaky and I don't feel it quite yet.

Hell of a note huh? A fishing blog with no fishing. apologies. I guess maybe it's time to admit that I have other things that I love as much as fishing. It all just depends on my mood and the weather. I'm not complaining because these long breaks help me catch my breath and pay attention to various other things like my wife, household chores and watching reruns of Adam-12 on YouTube.

The good news for anyone who is interested is a couple of trips are coming up.  Bought and paid for already!  Last week I found Pam messing around on her tablet and asked what she was doing. In response she tilted it towards me and I saw she was visiting the Swiftcurrent website. You may remember that Swiftcurrent is where we stay when we go to Rocky Mountain National Park.  This year our first trip will be April 15th for a few days. So, unless it's snowing, we will be fishing and wildlife viewing.  I don't think I've gone this early in the year before so it should be interesting.

I thought I'd post a couple of old videos from previous trips for folks to take a look at.

Another trip that's planned is thanks to my buddy Mark. Mark and I have been somewhat obsessed with checking things off our bucket list before we get checked off someone's bucket list. This one is going to be a float trip on the Colorado River. I've always wanted to take Pam on a fishing float trip and the Colorado is a great one to do.  Standby for that one.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all!