Friday, February 16, 2018

This is a fly fishing post...well, sort of...not really

While sitting here in front of the computer thinking of what I can write that would be the least bit interesting, even my imagination failed me.  The weather here in the front range of Denver has been crazy.  Warm for a few days and then cold weather, a little snow and a 70% chance of shack nasties.

While browsing through old pictures (again!) I started focusing on trips we had taken around the state.  Back when I was younger, I was content to put up a tent, unroll a sleeping bag and cook over an open fire.  As I got older it just seemed natural to change living arrangements while enjoying the outdoors.

Back in the 80s I found a pop up camper that struck my fancy and the price was right.  That began a whole new set of adventures for the wife and I and we traveled all over Colorado pulling that old camper.

Even though the camper was old and well used, we sure enjoyed having such luxurious accommodations. Two queen size beds, refrigerator, stove and a port-a-potty!  After several years of use and fighting traffic, we said goodbye to the old lady.  She had served us well and we made some great memories with her.

We debated getting a fifth wheel camper or a motor home but honestly I couldn't afford the time off it would take to recover from driving in Colorado traffic in the mountains during tourist season.  The answer seemed obvious to me.  When fishing season came we started checking out the many cabins and lodges at some of our favorite destinations.  We weren't looking for deluxe and Colorado is a tourist destination, so there was no shortage of options.

 I don't think I have ever enjoyed the outdoors more since we started staying in cabins.  Traveling to our destination was quicker, easier and safer and best of all, the cabins are maintained by someone else; they're clean, cozy and comfortable.

I sure am looking forward to next Spring!