Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dream Trip for two

I'm not like most people I said, stating the painfully obvious.  And hundreds of people breathed a sigh of relief.  My next writing prompt asked what would my dream trip be; anywhere I want to go  and all expenses paid.

Truth be told, I've already gone on my dream trips and if you'd like to read about a couple of them they are here and here. I've never really had much of a yearning to travel to far away places.  My horse pack trip with family to the Wind River range in Wyoming and pike and walleye fishing in Saskatchewan with a great friend, both many years ago are as exotic as I ever really cared to go.

My dream trips nowadays consist of much cheaper and closer to home locations.  I've always been fascinated by my own state of Colorado.  So much history and so much beauty that you can travel a lifetime and not ever see it all.

Besides fishing, there are old abandoned gold mines, ghost towns and more natural beauty than your eyes can absorb. But, if i really had to pick somewhere else, I'd pick New England.

Why New England? I guess it's mainly for the same reasons I love Colorado. It is a part of the country I haven't seen a lot of and it's rich in history. That alone draws my interest.  But who could resist those lovely streams that Alan and Walt and others talk so eloquently and lovingly of.  The gorgeous brook trout, native to that land.  And who could resist knocking on the doors of those friends and asking to borrow a cup of breakfast. I'm fairly sure they would oblige.

I don't dream about fishing the flats or other destinations.  I've got everything I could ever want right here in the good old U.S.A. Our country's history, beautiful places and good friends.  Where would you want to go on a dream trip?