Thursday, January 11, 2018

Back to my roots

When I first started blogging, 1168 posts ago, my objective was to present some information about Wright and Mcgill fiberglass fly rods, Orvis fly reels, with some fishing and warped humor thrown in for good measure. Over the years things changed.  I got away from talking much about tackle and I lost my sense of humor.

Judging by the folks who secretly check my archives and send me messages, Wright and Mcgill information is still sought after by people with questionable taste in fishing tackle. Second to the Wright and Mcgill information, the crazy (but mostly true) stories draw the most interest. And, to be honest, I miss the lunatic that used to run this place.

All that being said, as we cross the threshold of a new year, I'm going to try to get back to my roots so to speak.  I'd like to ask you all a favor.  We'll call it an experiment  I'd like you to suggest a fishing topic for me to write about.  It doesn't make any difference what type of fish, fishing or tackle.  I'll write a post about it. It's got to be fishing related.  Help me get back to my roots.

Once again I would like to thank my wonderful friends for following along. I'll alway have your back.