Monday, December 4, 2017

Windknots Profile: Mel Moore

Let me throw out a few names here and see who remembers.  Blog Cabin Angler, Rainbow Chaser, Grampa Mel.  For those of us bloggers that have been around for a trip or two around the sun, we remember Mel Moore.

WK:  Mel, it’s good to catch up with you brother!  How are you doing?
Howard, happy to be in touch with you again.  I am doing well, but, that is my opinion.... Others may have a different opinion if you open things up for public comment!

WK:  Mel, tell us a little about how you got started fishing?
When I was but a young kid, I was awe struck watching my Uncle straddling a creek, literally, and drifting a Renegade down the flow around small boulders and along the edges of the undercut banks and catching Wild Brook Trout.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I have been beholden all these years for those memories.  Like any other youngster, I didn't get too fish too often.  Just when the family went and I had a chance to try my Uncle's gear, was I fortunate enough to catch a fish or two on my own.  Fishing became an interest, but, my time was spent playing baseball all summer long.  So I didn't really pursue any fishing seriously until after I served in the U.S. Army in the Viet Nam era.  My wife actually gets the credit for buying me a Zebco rod and reel on our first Christmas and encouraging me to try fishing again.  It has been a constant love and treasure full of memories ever since.  I have fly fished and tied flies for about (40) years now....

WK:  I know you were one of the early bloggers with Blog Cabin Angler.  How and why did you start blogging?
I am not one who keeps my fishing a secret.  I love to share with others and help or assist them in enjoying and learning more about fishing and what it means to be "Hooked" on fishing.  The first blog I ever read was from a Canadian Blogger.  It was interesting to read and Othmar Vohringer encouraged me to share my love of fishing with others.  Interestingly, I learned that if you write something about something you love, it is easy for someone else to enjoy.  I have blogged for over twenty years, authoring several different blogs.  All of them with the intent to share my love and my goal of helping others perhaps to the point that they find a life time love also.

WK:  Do you miss it?
Now, that I don't blog anymore, I do miss it for a couple of different reasons.  First of all, I met so many, many, other fly fishing bloggers online who shared my interest and commented on my blog efforts as I did theirs.  Through those comments and reading their blogging adventures, I created a "Second Family", who I became very close too.  Even though, rarely, did I ever meet any of them in person, I love each and every one of them more than they will ever know.  Thank you all, and you know who you are, for being willing to share your life and experiences with me.  I am humbled to feel close to all of you!

 WK:  You’ve got a new venture with Bluegill Bug on Facebook that’s very popular.  Tell us the whys and wherefores? 
My responses to some of the previous questions show how much I love to share and learn from others.  The Bluegill Bug has been a fascinating experience for me.  It is a Facebook Group that currently has (2,450) participants who actively enjoy sharing their love of fly fishing and fly tying for Bluegill and other warm water species.  The Group, currently is averaging (50) new members a week!! So I must be doing something right.......... Why Bluegill? Honestly, I like to say, "Isn't that where most of us, at one time or another, cut our teeth on learning to fly fish, fly cast, and, generally just have a bunch of fun?  It is easy, it is fun, and the whole family can share in the fun together.  It is where the fun of fly fishing began for me.  I owe it to the feisty Bluegill for (40) years of flat out fun and enjoyment".  I have had the "Bluegill Fever" for all these years.  The Fever cannot be measured by degrees, and no, there ain't no cure for my disease.......

WK:  Even though we've known each other for 7 or 8 years, we've only met face to face once!  Any chance we can wet a line next year-bluegills of course?

I would be humbled to spend a morning or evening on a Bluegill Pond with you or any of your readers.  I am sure we all have plenty of memories to share with each other while we pursue catching Ol' Walter out on the pond.  God Bless all, and, may each of you find Peace!

Well, I sure enjoyed being in touch with my brother from another mother!  If you would like to say hi to Mel, you can find him at his Facebook page, The Bluegill Bug  or at his on line shop atThe Bluegill Bug Shop