Friday, November 17, 2017

Home is where your soul is...

Everyone who fishes has their own definition of "home" waters.  Sometimes it goes deeper than those waters that are close to your physical house.  I've always had a difficult time defining my home waters.  As I've aged, the definition has changed.  I've thought about this a lot and the only thing I've ever decided is that my home waters are best defined as a place that spoke to me, more aptly, spoke to my soul at a certain period of my life.  My soul has been around the block a time or two so my home waters have changed in name and appearance, but never the feeling of being comfortable.  Home.

I write frequently about Clear Creek and without a doubt, it is now my home water.  But at another period in my life I called the Arkansas River my home water.  The Arkansas isn't located close to my physical home but it is the place where I spent a great deal of time; fishing of course, rafting and just being comfortable and at home. Many times with friends.  Certainly one of my favorite memories is the time we held the Fiberglass Flyrodders conclave there.

The one and only Cameron Mortenson