Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fishing with friends: Part 2

What can come close to beating a wonderful day on the water with Emily, Stephanie and Chris? I found out the following day. When our plans for staying in Silverthorne and fishing the Blue River got blown out, we decided to head back to Denver and regroup the next day. Contrary to the weather in Georgetown, it was going to in the high 70s on Saturday.  Only one choice entered my mind...Clear Creek Canyon above Golden.

You might remember that last I had been up there, my favorite part of the river had been under construction for around two years. It was indeed a beautiful day with low flows and an eye-popping difference in the area. More importantly, it was open to fishing again!

A lot of the trees had been removed at the shore.  Rock steps had been placed at fishing access points and a fence that runs the length of the "park".

I have to admit that for older fisherman, the steps are great!  Hey Mel, no more rock hopping!

Low flows

A new stone wall runs the length of the park on the opposite side of the river.  Above the wall is an improved hiking trail that you access from several bridges that span the river.

As pretty as I've ever seen it.  Can't wait to see what it looks like next Spring when all the new trees and grasses grow.

A boardwalk also runs the length with openings for access to the water and a bridge at either end

A friendly gentleman about my age.  We've been fishing Clear Creek for about the same amount of time and hadn't yet decided whether the new improved look is working for us.

I did fish, but really enjoyed watching Chris "beat" the water
Chris' nice brown

I have to admit that I'm not happy that the place has become so civilized, but I'm certainly going to let it grow on me.

I love Clear Creek!

I think Chris does too!

Yeah, I think I'll be back
I think it's safe to say that since this section recently opened that perhaps the fish were a little shy after two years of construction vehicles and some rearranging of the river.  The fishing was slow, but it was so great to be back home.