Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fishing with friends: Part 1

Here's something new for me.  I've got so much to show and tell, but I'm pretty speechless.  I just recently wrapped up two incredible fishing days on my favorite water with three of the most amazing people anyone could ever hope to call friends.

Emily Klinell Blankenship (The River Damsel) and Chris Rigsby (Fading Angler) made it their job to come out to Colorado to take an old cranky dude fishing.  And what an experience it was!  We had cold, windy, snowy weather and fish.  And we had a beautiful sunshiny day and fish.  We laughed,caught up on life, ate well and just enjoyed each others company.  What great friends.

To start off on Friday, Chris and I drove (in a jaguar!) to Georgetown, Co. to meet Emily and Stephanie Mullins. (Antlers and Gills)  Clear Creek runs right across the street from Stephanie's house in the quaint little town. It was amazing watching the two ladies fishing and thanks to Stephanie for spotting fish for the guys to fish to.  First fish went to yours truly and it was a beautiful buttery brown about 14 inches or so that put on a good fight and finally won.  I lost him as Emily was on her way to net him.  Chris landed a few and lost a few but we were happy to be out with good friends.  It was cool and spit some snow on us but we even took breaks to just talk.  There weren't a lot of fish caught but they were beautiful and for me the first in a very long time.

After fishing a while, we decided to go to lunch in town and plot out the rest of the day.

After a great Mexican lunch, Stephanie had to leave us to pick up Drake.  Steph, you are a wonderful host and guide.  Thanks!  I'll be back for sure.

Chris and I had plans to fish the Blue River around Silverthorne, Co.  Emily decided to follow us before heading to another location to meet another friend.  On the way to Silverthorne, the snow got serious, but worse than that, the section of the river we wanted to fish was blown out!

As the senior representative, I made the executive decision to get the hell out of Silverthorne.  We bid Emily farewell and Chris and I headed back to civilization to regroup for the next day. (Check out The River Damsel and Fading Angler for their side of the story.) Stay tuned for part 2.

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