Thursday, September 7, 2017

Tippecanoe and Marion too!

It's that time again and just in time I might add.  Heat, smoke and life in general have overwhelmed us. We need a little Midwest America and when we need that, we go to Ohio. Home of sanity and family.  First stop will be in Tipp City where my brother-in-law and his family live. There have been two babies born since the last time I was there.  Tipp City is a wonderful small town and I love my in-law family.

After a visit with them, Pam and I will drive to Marion and spend most of our time with her father, Peanut and his friends.  There is nothing I enjoy more than hanging out with people my age the oldies.  They make me feel young again. Marion is another smallish town that I really enjoy.

The weather is looking pretty good while we are there.  I'm going to bring along a WM Trailmaster just in case someone wants to take me out fishing-Ohio style.

Assuming that I clear my sinuses of all the smoke in Colorado, regain my sanity (if in fact I ever had it) nothing important breaks and it doesn't snow while I'm gone...Fall fishing time is here!

See ya if I come back when I come back!