Monday, September 18, 2017

The nose knows and other assorted crap from a geezer

Friday night, September 15, 2017...Never let me be said that I don't take care of my friends.  I got home from Ohio on Friday evening and I brought everyone a gift.  A miserable sinus infection and chest congestion.  I got my flu shot before I left and I think it worked. I'm feeling like last week's leftovers.

I guess I should feel lucky.  Our friend Bill Trussell is down and out with back problems as is Mark Kautz. Walt Franklin is doing okay as is Alan Petrucci.  I'm feeling like I am part of a dying or at least fading species!  To Bill and Mark, get well soon guys.  To Walt and Alan, keep doing whatever it is you're doing!  And speaking of geezers, what's happened to Mel? I think he was last seen on Facebook rolling around The Bluegill Bug. Mel's got a pretty good thing going on there and if you're on Facebook, you might want to give it a look.

No one parked here
Sunday, September 18, 2017...I wanted to talk just a little bit about Ohio.  I didn't get out fishing, but I did see lots of interesting water, which is a good thing.  The home general has let me know that in six years when she retires, we won't be able to afford to live in Colorado.  If I'm still alive in 6 years I may have to refocus on fishing for whatever they fish for in Ohio. And football?  Their one professional football team is THE Ohio State Buckeyes!  Can you fish for Buckeyes?

Since everyone has asked me, What do Ohioans do in their spare time? I thought I'd show you typical Ohio residents on their time off.

Competition driveway sitting and drinking


Pam teaching the kids how to hug a tree, Colorado style

Monday, September 18, 2017...I discovered something interesting last night that I thought I'd share as well. It takes 7 steps to walk from my den to my bedroom.  When you turn off the lights and television, it takes exactly 4 steps with the lights off to step on the dog and get head slammed into the hallway wall. Can you say broken nose?

Yes, it hurts like hell and I'm still coughing and wheezing...but how about them Broncos.