Sunday, May 14, 2017

Shoutout to Alan Petrucci

Honest, the caption said Alan Petrucci
I've been a little remiss in recognizing one of our favorite bloggers, Alan Petrucci, writer, photographer, fly tyer and of course catcher of beautiful brookies. Back several months ago Alan found some old Wright & McGill gut leaders and knowing that I collect all things Wright & McGill, very generously sent them to me.

I've been thinking of doing some type of WM display and the gut leaders were definitely going to be a part of it. But something was missing from my plans...some hand tied flies from Alan. Shortly after mentioning that, I received a package in the mail from Alan. You guessed it, some of Alan's beautiful creations we've all enjoyed on Small Stream Reflections.

That truthful streak in me needs to admit that  I've always wanted to try some of Alan's soft hackles, so Thanks Alan, some of these guys are going swimming!  And no, Rob Blumberg, I'm not going swimming...I'm going fishing. Sometime.  Soon.

The first thing readers should notice is that I'm not a great photographer like Alan is.  The second thing is, these flies are beautiful little works of art that I will proudly display...and fish.  Thank you Alan!  Alan will be receiving a new model Windknots & Tangled Lines  t-shirt in the mail soon I hope.

One other small piece of business today.  My good friend and accomplice, Larry Snyder, Fly Fishing Crazy is thinning his herd of fly rods. This is good news for someone.  Two of the rods for sale are a 2 weight glass fly rod made from a Fenwick spinning rod blank and a factory Fenwick FF755, M serial number 5 weight. Prices are negotiable.  If anyone is interested, drop me line on my contact page.

I guess that's about it for this edition of Windknots.  Oh yeah, one more things. Thanks to everyone who continues to read...look for a giveaway soon!