Sunday, May 7, 2017

Quality not quantity

It's the weekend.  I've waited a long time for today.  Like many of you, my weekends have always been reserved for getting out and hiking, fishing and just enjoying being alive...right?  Well, not so fast...

I remember reading a post once on one of the forums I frequent.  It seems that an older gentleman was lamenting the fact that his age and physical abilities had finally let him down to the point that he was no longer able to safely fish. I also went through this with my buddy David several years ago when it became difficult for him to safely wade the waters we loved to fish together.

Two months from my 68th birthday, I'm starting to see the handwriting on the wall.  The hard part is I don't really feel old.  I don't think I look old...😩😩😩  Hell, I'm still in an upright position with grass growing under my feet not on top of them!

So, what am I talking about. Well, I don't know because I've already arranged for the wife to slip me unceremoniously into Clear Creek in the dark of night...with a can of Coors and a fly rod in hand.

Seriously though, I'm slowing down.  I'm still going to fish and I'm still going to blog. But I am going to slow down.  Quality not quantity is my new motto and hopefully I will be side by side with my best fishing partner and my son.

Thanks for putting up with me.  Later...