Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Finally...there is rest for the wicked

The few readers of this blog might remember the trials and tribulations of our vacation last year. Trust me, I won't make you relive it with me again.  But, you might remember our vacation the year before last at Swiftcurrent Lodge outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Thanks to the folks at Swiftcurrent Lodge

The view from our room...excellent


I bring this up again at this point in time because we're going back...sooner rather than later.  My lovely wife called me up a few days ago at work and asked if I could take some time off the end of May.  Always up for time off from work, I said yes and asked why.  She informed me that she was making reservations for a few days at Rocky Mountain National Park.

This is something worth waiting for because I don't recall ever going to The Park this early in the season.