Friday, March 31, 2017

Windknots psychic edition

No, I haven't lost my mind.  Actually thanks to a work client of mine I think I've recovered it.  This client is a very sweet lady who recently lost her dog to cancer.  As you might imagine, she is grieving for her only companion in life and wanted to contact a "pet psychic" to find out if her dog was doing well in doggie afterlife.

Probably the best course of action would have been to humor her but I worry that she could get sucked in to a money draining scam, so I set out to prove to her that psychics are phony.

I found a psychic on Google and contacted her by email and told her only that I had some concerns that I needed some help with. Madame Whoopi  (my name because that's who I think of when I talk psychics) responded and told me that she usually charges $35 an hour but was overwhelmed by the passion in my letter and very strong vibes while reading it. My first reading was going to be free! Whoopi!

I wrote her back thanking her and "liked" her on Facebook.  Madame Whoopi then told me that the sun would be shining soon and I would catch a huge fish and all my concerns would disappear!   Meanwhile back in Denver, we are getting a really good rain, turning to snow tonight, The River Damsel is in town to fish (her not me) and I'm miserable.   Oh and I'm now being spammed by 100 psychics a day.

I'm going back to bed...