Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Windknots Christmas contest

Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas!  Who's ready for some Christmas cheer?  Every year around this time, I get especially thankful and blessed. I have a lot to be thankful for; wonderful family, living in a great country, my health (three years since my surgery), and of course my blogging friends. I checked with Santa and found that none of you made the naughty list this year!

To celebrate you, I've decided to have a Windknots Christmas contest! The contest starts immediately on this post for one week and then a poll will go up. You will vote your winner and the winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.

This will be a caption contest and your comments will be your entry. More is better, so comment away.

Oh yeah, I forgot the prizes! Well how about a copy of 25 Best National Parks to Fly Fish, a wading staff, flies, hat, stickers, fly wallet and a few surprises thrown in to keep you guessing! I'll post some photos in the next day or so.

Wading staff from River Traditions

Vedavoo fly wallet from The Fiberglass Manfesto (not this one)

 Plus more, more, more

Courtesy of Erin Block (not part of the contest)