Thursday, November 3, 2016

The World Famous Helicopter Cast ®

Back several years ago, I went fishing on Boulder Creek and wrote about the trip here on the blog. Unfortunately I am not able to locate the post right at this time, so I'll just have to help folks remember. As I recall, it was a nice early fall day and I was with my buddy Tim. Other than the fact that it was a beautiful day with my friend, doing what we both enjoyed, it was a pretty tame day as far as fishing went. But that's not what I remember the most. As I recall, I was practicing my World Famous Helicopter Cast ® when I slipped on some rocks someone carelessly left lying on the bank and took a tumble, landing on my casting shoulder. I knew right away that something was wrong but of course when you're helping a novice learn the technique of The World Famous Helicopter Cast®, you don't just stop.  
Tim missed seeing the demonstration and only witnessed the aftermath, so of course he asked me to show him again. Unfortunately I had a shoulder separation, which try as I might wouldn't let me cast again.  It was verified a few days later that I did in fact have a shoulder separation and I was done fishing until it healed.
 I asked my doctor what I should do because the best fishing of the year was coming up. He suggested I take a fly rod out to my backyard, string it up and... practice casting left handed. He thought that was quite funny.

After I published the post about the trip, several readers asked for a video of The Cast. Unfortunately, due to physical limitations placed on me now, I am unable to replicate The Cast.  I've never seen anyone else attempt The Cast although I'm sure some of you have perhaps done it without knowing.  I finally managed to find a video that replicates what I was doing that day.  

The video is short and sweet and I hope you all enjoy.