Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More about fiberglass

I know that many folks who read Windknots knows that I fish exclusively fiberglass unless it strikes me to fish with bamboo on a particular day on particular waters. I've talked about it before and I won't bore you with that story.  It's just what I have found that suits my casting style, abilities and waters I fish. I make no excuses or apologies. I also know that many people who visit here also use glass at least sometimes depending on the waters they are fishing, so I'm not trying to sell my preferences to anyone.

Back when I first started fishing and collecting fiberglass rods, it was sort of an aberration and the only place to ask questions to people who knew about glass was the fiberglassflyrodders.com. Then in 1996, two gentlemen, Victor R. Johnson and Victor R. Johnson, Jr. wrote what was to be the bible for collectors and fishers of vintage fiberglass, Fiberglass Fly Rods: The Evolution of the Modern Fly Rod from Bamboo to Graphite.

The book detailed how fiberglass rods were made and included chapters on such names as Fenwick, Sage, Fisher, Powell, Winston, Scott, Wright & Mcgill, Shakepeare, Orvis, Heddon to name just a few builders from back in the day.

With the resurgence in popularity of fiberglass as a viable material to still make fly rods, there was also a resurgence of not only large fly rod production companies, but many smaller builders who have made a name for themselves to pushing fiberglass to the next level.

Since there was no written information  available to detail the new glass from either major rod makers or the new glass rod makers, Victor R. Johnson, Jr. once again went to work.  The 20th Anniversary Edition of Fiberglass Fly Rods is now available for anyone interested in learning and exploring options in fiberglass fly rods.  In the new edition you will find such familiar names as Eagle Claw, Fenwick, Hardy, Orvis and Redington among others.  You will also learn about the newer builders who are producing some of the finest rods available today.  Chris, Barclay, Epic, Shane Gray, Ijuin, Kabuto, Larry Kenney, Mike McFarland and Matthew Leiderman. (among many, many others)

I enjoyed the first book tremendously because of my interest in collecting and fishing vintage fiberglass and learning as much as I can about them.  I only have two "modern" glass rods and may never buy another, but when I saw that this book was released I had to get one to know more about what I'm missing.

Highlights of the new release include:

* A Foreword by Cameron Mortenson of the Fiberglass Manifesto
* A chapter on the current technologsy used in modern fiberglass fly rods
* Profiles of 23 custom builders of fiberglass fly rods - both in the U.S. and internationally
* Current fiberglass fly rods being offered by the major rod manufacturers
* Chapters on the lives of Dr. Glenn Havens and Dr. Arthur Howald - the inventors of the modern fiberglass fly rod
* A price guide to help value vintage fiberglass fly rods

If anyone would care to order a signed copy of the book, contact:
EP Press
PO Box 3157
Vallejo, CA 94590

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