Friday, February 19, 2016

Shooting fish in a barrel

We've all heard the old saying right?  In a manner of speaking, here in Colorado, shooting fish in a barrel may be illegal.  You probably think I'm leading up to a joke, but I'm not.
You see, here in the great state of cockeyed liberalism, it's against the law to save rainwater in a barrel.  I'd like to say I'm joking.  I'd like to think that when I wake up tomorrow morning I'm back in the old west where men were men and sheep were glad!  and where arguments were settled with a little showdown at the OK Corral rather than politics.

You see, here in the arid west where water is king, it was decided many, many years ago that after you use the water you need...well, the rest belongs to someone else.  In other words, rain that falls on my house belongs to someone in say, California.

Now I've got nothing much against Californeos. One of my best buddies Mark is a Californeo and lord knows they need the water. But, if I happen to think it's a pretty good idea to put out a couple of rain barrels to catch the rain that's falling on my house to save to water my petunias, I can get arrested because someone else downstream needs that water.

It's all very complicated and is of course only understood by water lawyers.  So, the long and short of it this.  To anyone that I may have invited to fish in my flooded basement this year...The Deal is Off!