Friday, December 5, 2014

How things are

Well, this turned out to be a pretty good week. I went back to work part time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Believe it or not, it felt pretty good to have a reason to shower, shave and get dressed. I still need to wait and see how things go AP, (after the pacemaker) but all in all, I feel positive.

I understand that a pacemaker will give me a new lease on life. That's good news because I think the old lease was about up. I'm still wearing my portable defibrillator until the doctors insert the pacemaker, so that means no fishing for right now. Too bad because the weather has been pretty nice.  Once the pacemaker is placed, I've been told I can resume my normal life...including fly fishing.

I'm still not sure about wading, which for me is the most fun, but heck I'm not big on drowning anyway. I'm on a fairly regimented diet and I'm still being monitored for most everything a person can be monitored for and I'm trying really hard to be good. (Santa are you listening?) I have put everybody on notice that I was going on a Windknots diet which consists of eating all the right things until I want pizza, or a burrito or Chinese food. Then it's splurge a bit and then get back to it. I'd rather be buried with a burrito in my hand than a piece of celery.

In my time off, I've been selling a few reels and stashing the money for a rainy day.  The weather has been real nice here in Denver so I'm hoping we get some moisture soon...

See ya soon...