Sunday, December 7, 2014

A little of this and that

I don't know about anyone else, but when I was laid up I had to look for things to amuse me.  The down time allowed me to do something I don't do often enough...check out the fly fishing and tying videos on the net.

One of the places I would really like to fish is North Carolina. Preferably when the weather is pleasant. I found this video which reminded me why I want to fish there. (besides having friends there) The video is Fall Fishing on Wilson Creek North Carolina produced by Wild Fly Productions in Charlotte, North Carolina. I really enjoyed watching it several times just to remind me what I'm missing.

I also want to remind everyone that The Fiberglass Manifesto's 12 Days of Christmas is starting on Monday. Don't forget to enter for some really top notch gear! You don't need to be a glass geek to enter.


  1. When you're ready for Wilson Creek, let me know. I cut my fly fishing teeth in that watershed and make sure to get back there a few times every year. Love it.

  2. Hi Mike! It is a gorgeous area with some really nice looking water. I'm going to make it one day and you're on top of the list.

  3. Howard no beer for you...doc says it's more like Earl Grey tea.


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