Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vacation day trip day 4-5

All I can say about day 4 is somebody hates me. I got up to the (I'm not going to name it) creek and it started raining buckets...literally.  I've got the cuts on top of my head to prove it! I thought I'd have a bite to eat and wait the storm out. I gave up after 45 minutes and headed home.  

Take a look at this video by Taylor Odlozil.  It shows how to successfully fish Clear Creek.  

Day 5 was a game changer for me. Well, not really but there was a change of scenery. I took a leisurely drive up Boulder Canyon after stopping at Cook's for a cup of coffee. It was a beautiful day with the normal threat of afternoon thundershowers. This particular portion of Boulder Creek makes me appreciate folks who fish close quarters a lot. It also brings back a lot of memories about one particular trip I took a few years ago. 

Not from this trip but it is Boulder Creek

Great Tenkara water if anyone is interested

Sometimes it's easy fishing and sometimes it's not

No 20' casts here
The fishing here was nice. It was shady and that seemed to turn the little ones on. If you need to see a picture of 6" fish, sorry I didn't do much picture taking. I didn't want to lose my focus on strangers sneaking up on me. I've got this life long fear of being thrown down one of the many mine shafts that dot the area. 


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