Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Checking out Boulder Creek

I know I talk about Clear Creek a lot. But, it's not the only place to fish close to home for me. About 12 miles West of my front door is the City of Boulder and Boulder Creek. I know you're saying who would want to fish in the middle of Boulder? Well, it can be something of a challenge. Not because the fishing is poor, but because of other distractions-like homeless folks bathing in the water, dogs playing in the water, duck races and tubers.

Yes, you read that right. In the picture at left, you'll see a woman in blue and her dog in the water in front of her. I was obviously fishing across the stream from her when she threw a stick into the water for her dog to fetch. I threw a rock at her and told her to fetch but she wouldn't.

In the next photo, Boulderarians are floating their duckies in a traditional rubber duck race on Boulder Creek. A recent poll showed that the number of ducks is equal to the number of people on welfare, but I can't verify that.

Another rumor is that they used to race real ducks, but the city made them stop because they were contracting strange diseases from the homeless.

In the photo below, tubers are enjoying a nice summer day cooling off. These are few of the legal activities that take place on Boulder Creek in town. Believe it or not, the fishing can be outstanding in between the duckie hatch and the tube hatch. And sometimes the scenery is downright outstanding if you get my drift.                                                                                       
Following the road West takes you out of town and into the foothills and Middle Boulder Creek. Boulder Creek in this area allows for some semi-privacy although a lot of the creek runs next to the road or a short walk in to the water. 

Boulder Creek fishes well for small browns, rainbows and occasional brook trout with nice larger fish possible.
Notice the "rock art" in the lower right corner.
Boulder Creek in downright beautiful in the Fall