Monday, April 28, 2014

Up in smoke in Colorado

I live in Colorado, so it's not much of a stretch to imagine these two guys fishing next to me on Boulder Creek. Heeey's the fishin'?  Ya want a hit?

You have now entered...

As I'm sure the whole world knows, Colorado is one of two states to legalize marijuana consumption. I therefore can't help but wonder how this can possibly affect life as we used to know it here.

No doubt there have probably always been stoned fishermen but since it's out in the open now, I expect we will see many undisguised acts of stupidity. Like the guy I saw stand up in a canoe a few years ago.

Is there a difference between drunks on the water and stoners on the water. Probably not, but legalizing previously illegal behavior seems to bring out the worst in people who already have BDD or Brain Deficit Disorder. One thing for sure, being stoned or drunk doesn't do much for common sense, so it ought to be a pretty interesting year on the water.