Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yuking around the tying desk

Anyone who follows Windknots, all twelve of you knows that you can't take much seriously around here. But I'm here to tell you today that this is serious. The short back story is that the River Damsel went fishing in Montana last week or something. I don't remember exactly where or why. When she got back she raved no end about a fly that worked so well for her called the Yuk Bug. Long story short, I offered to tie some up for her without knowing what I was getting into. Now I know. 

There are a few pictures on the internet and even a couple of recipes and as they say, (whoever they are) beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My first two tries were disaster...I forgot the body of the fly on the first. The second was just as bad as I forgot the hackle. 
Three times was the charm except I wound the hackle on wrong...the fish will forgive me I think.
The Yuk Bug can be used as an attractor or stonefly nymph in well oxygenated water, fished deep on a dead drift and swing. Related patterns are the Bitch Creek, Montana Stone, BH Aggravator or the Woolly Worm.  
For your tying pleasure, not mine here is the recipe.
Hook:  2-8 TMC 5263
Weight:  .25 lead-free 
Thread:  Black 3/0
Tail:  Gray squirrel
Body:  Black chenille, medium
Rib:  Grizzly
Legs:  White rubber legs, medium
The only sort of difficult part is winding the chenille and then hackle in and out and around the legs which are tied in after the squirrel tail. Think Woolly Worm with a squirrel tail and rubber legs.

Here are a few photos I found on the internet to compare with mine.

Actually, I'd rather break an arm than tie these all day, but I do see how they might catch a fish or two. Emily, I'll get them to you in about a year.