Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tim Kelley's Official Colorado Fishing & Hunting Guide

Back in 1954 a gentleman named Tim Kelley wrote the first edition of Tim Kelley's Official Colorado & Wyoming Fishing & Hunting Guide (with Campground Directory).  By the time I saw my first Tim Kelley's guide, 1970-71, this 298 page book (at a cost of $2.50) was the stuff of legends for a twenty-something fisherman. The paperback guide listed "every" fishable stream and lake in Colorado and Wyoming. To imagine that someone had visited and cataloged or gathered so much information from the Division of Wildlife was mind boggling to me. 

I attempted to locate Mr. Kelley at the time because his P.O. Box was located in Broomfield and I lived and worked there, but I had no luck. Move ahead about 10 or so years. I was now not on a quest for Mr. Kelley, but for a new edition of his guide. Then around the same time, while at the Fly Fishing Show, I met Don Hart, owner of Don Hart Publications and he was selling the latest Tim Kelley's Guide. If I
remember correctly, Mr. Hart had bought the rights to the book after Mr. Kelley's death.
I was flipping through the pages of the guide this afternoon and remembered flipping through those same pages so long ago and remembering the excitement and the dreams of fishing trips to come. I remember looking at the advertisements of truck dealers, restaurants, motels and lodges...many of which no longer exist in the memories of those that had many of the same dreams. I made a lot of fishing and camping trips with the help of  Mr. Kelley's Guide.