Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Reeling them in...and out

I've written a little about collecting reels at one time or another a long time ago. I decided it was time again because of a couple of things that happened in the past couple of days. 
The first thing that happened could of been a disaster but wasn't. I was messing around with reels that don't get used enough and my display fell off the wall throwing reels every-where but back onto the broken shelves. That obviously meant one thing...I need to dust more often than once a year. But as they say somewhere, no good deed goes unpunished.
The good news is that none of reels were damaged since they fell on Bubby the non-fishing dog. The bad news is I was now forced to use my untested woodworking skills to repair the boat. The other bad news is that this caused me to reassess my need for 30-some fly reels.
I don't often have discussions with myself because, well...I usually end up getting mad and whining like a 6 year old. Then my wife spanks me and well never mind, it's all very Freudian. I guess in the end it turned out to be sort of a win/win compromise. We decided to sell four reels that we will never use. But even that was a fight. We got into another argument and we ended up having to spend the day in my room with myself.
In the end, we decided to sell an Orvis Madison made by Pflueger because I have the smaller more usable model as well. Also a Stith made Orvis SSS, (the SSS stands for Salt, Sea and Sardines I think), a British Fly Reel (BFR) made Orvis Magnalite Multiplier and a J.W. Young made Orvis Magnalite Multiplier. It was an easy thing to decide. All it took was Pam reminding me that the nearest salt water was in...duh, Salt Lake City and that we don't have sardines in Colorado.  
So, if anyone has a burning desire to own any or all of these reels, they're listed on ebay for pathetically 
reasonable prices.

Now all I have to worry about is my rod rack falling apart and neutering the cat!