Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Seasons Greetings: Part Deux

Twas the day after Christmas
had Hank and Reese over
Hank was as subtle as a Cat big-wheel dozer.
"Gimme a beer and one for the road"
I need to take Reese out
and teach him my code.
With a belch coming deep from within
Hank bellowed it out
and it curdled my skin.
"Now Snap it out! Snap it out
Snap it I say and if you don't 
there will be no fish today.
Reese looked around shyly,
embarrassed I'd say.
I saw his lips moving
but he just looked away.
Than what should my tearing eyes see,
but Reese Ferguson himself down on one knee.
Then he stood up so tall
 and stood nose to belly
and gave Hank a look that turned him to jelly.
"Now listen here Hank and listen real well
I won't be repeating, so you go to hell.
I won't snap it or lob it or whip up a froth
I won't drink till I'm stupid or go down those falls.
Now get in the truck and move over I say
I'm guiding this rig
 so we'll be here New Years Day!