Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wasting the day

I promised the home general that I would make a noticeable dent in cleaning out the bat cave today while she is at work. I'm not sure what she's talking about...looks fine to me. To keep peace in the family, I've been rearranging the dust and vacuuming around stuff. I've got 30 or so rods, about 300 cds and found at least a half dozen flies, hooks and beads when they were sucked into Hoover oblivion. Found one fly in my big toe...a purple emerger. (What was I thinking?) Moving desks, bookshelves, books, cds, banjos and mandolins. Sorry I'm not allowed to post any more bat cave pictures until it's clean. 

Anyway, the point of all this is that I happened upon my stash of Wright and Mcgill catalogs and took a break to glance at them. One thing led to another and I started scanning pages. So, before I get back to cleaning this mess up here are some of the old catalog pages. 

Well, I enjoyed the little trip down memory it's back to work!