Monday, September 24, 2012

Trout fishing...a love story

Scene: A man is sitting on a rock overlooking a beautiful river. The sun is peeking out between the towering pines and aspen. 

Man: (with a forlorn look and with eyes brimming with tears) "I don't understand you any more. We used to love each other. What happened?"

There is only a whisper as a gentle breeze rustles the golden leaves.

Man: "I'm willing to accept my share of responsibility, but darling you've got to talk to me...tell me what it is you need. What can I do to make you happy again?" 

The response is an angry slap of water that sprays droplets of water on the man.

Man: "I've tried my best. I don't know what you expect of me." Please don't be this way. We used to have so much fun together...(voice tapers off)

Nothing. No response.

Man: "Please tell me it's not over. We've loved each other. Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

Another angry slap. More droplets hitting him in the face. Mating with the tears streaming down his face.

Man: (Angrily) " Do you remember that time on the Blue? The time you got dragged through the water with a # 16 caddis hanging in your lip? I saved you! Is this how you thank me? I deserve better!"

Her response was humbling. "Well, I guess that's season must be over."


  1. How many people have had that conversation with a trout or soon to be former love interest?

    1. Damn Mac, not me and no one I know. Why...that's crazy!

  2. As George Constanza would say...."Its not you. It is me.".

    1. Mac, I think we are brothers from a different mother. Happy Festivus!!

  3. Thanks for the plug. I miss doing the videos.

    1. Owl, thank you for making it and allowing it to be passed around. I mean's classic.


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