Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The fishing is free but the funeral is going to cost you

It was a nice day today so I thought I'd go for a stroll. Since I work in a busy traffic area I decided, as gruesome as it sounds, to walk around the cemetery behind my office. After all, what's wrong with that? Put on a sad face and fit right in.

Generally speaking I don't hang around cemeteries a lot unless it's mandatory attendance. Then I usually get in and get right out again. I realized today that perhaps I had been missing an opportunity.

It's never crossed my mind that many cemeteries have lakes and ponds. My light bulb flickered to life as I stood next to some pretty nice looking water. Of course I would have to ask permission, but the worst they could say is no...or try to sell me a funeral plan.

I walked into the office scraping together all the decorum I could muster under the circumstances. I'm sure this request was going to be a first. A ghoulish looking man (why are they always ghoulish looking?) approached me and in a gentle voice asked if he could help me. Feeling like I was 6 years old again, I shyly asked whether it was permitted to fish in the lake and promising that if it wasn't, that was okay.

The man motioned me to his office and ordered me to sit down. I figured the wraith of God was going to strike me dead on the spot for making such a unholy request.  When I looked up from the floor I saw the man staring in the corner of his office.  Following his gaze, I saw several spinning rods and reels and other assorted gear with a sign that said $5 rod fee. The man, whose name was Mr. Black, (go figure) a smile the size of a fresh caught chunky bluegill told me that there were some real slab bass in there along with some nice gills. Perhaps he'd join me he said.

So, the next time I get the bug (get it?) to go fishing, I can go during my lunch hour.  Anyway, here are a few cemetery photos I thought you might enjoy since that's what we're talking about.  Keep smiling!