Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some odds and ends...

 Believe it or not, I actually had some fun in this puddle of water. Mostly because you could actually see trout lying in the water, feeding on the bottom. They weren't interested in anything we offered, but I've been skunked by smaller fish and bigger fish and I wasn't in my basement fishing, so life is good.

I'm still excited. The sun is still shining after I get home from work, thanks to whoever invented Daylight Savings Time, which means the possibilities are always there to get out again.

Assuming the beautiful weather holds I'll be somewhere doing something after Rocky Mountain Anglers green eggs and ham green beer and Jay Zimmerman fly tying demo next Saturday at 11 am. Those of you who are in the Metro area really need to make plans on being there, especially if you haven't met Jay. Jay is your brother from another mother and one hell of a fly tier. He's also the conductor of that train wreck you've always wanted to see. (I mean that with all respect and affection.)

My other friend Will King posted on his blog http://theripariancorridor.com/ his collection of J.W. Young fly reels. I thought I would post a couple of more that Will should keep an eye out for.

J.W. Young Battenkill Lightweight (previously made by Hardy for Orvis)

J.W. Young Fishhawk (also known as an Orvis Battenkill Multiplier)

J.W. Young Beaudex (also called the Orvis Battenkill)

Reel on the left, J.W. Young made for Orvis Magnalite Multiplier

Let's get out there and fish like a River Damsel!