Friday, December 30, 2011

Windknots 2011 and thoughts for 2012

Well, 2011 is almost over. It's been a heck of a year hasn't it? A few ups and a few downs but I'm not complaining.  There definitely wasn't enough fishing time, but what I had was good because I was with my #1 fishing partner and several great friends. (Thanks Tim, Mark and Justin) David I missed our annual trips to the Arkansas.                                                                          We had the Rocky Mountain Frenzy here and I missed it! The good part? I got to meet some of the finest folks you'd ever want to meet when I got out of the hospital; Emily Blankenship (River Damsel), Erin Block (Mysteries Internal), Kyle Perkins (Compleat Thought) and of course Jay Zimmerman (The Colorado Fly Fishing Report) and Crazy Larry Snyder ( Because of last winter's snows, we had a long extended runoff which made early to mid season fishing a tad difficult but it did eventually get pretty good...or so I heard. I'm not complaining because I still live in a beautiful state and you all know I lie about not caring if I catch fish with good scenery to look at.

I'm certainly looking forward to a better 2012. The Fly Fishing Show will be here in a little over a week to help me make it through another Winter. There is a good chance we will have another Rocky Mt. Frenzy this year. I've decided that I will focus a little more on getting out to fish and a little less on hospital visits. Mark and I have talked about trying some new locations with new attitude this year as well. With a little luck, Pam and I will get up to Idaho to fish with our friend Scott and hopefully Mel as well.

I've put together a little movie about a the few highlights of my year and I would like to thank all the readers of Windknots & Tangled Lines for following along and your funny, thoughtful comments. To you, I wish a healthy and prosperous 2012.