Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy New Year resolutions 2012!

Well, Christmas 2011 is here and will soon be gone. Another week and we'll be ringing in a new year...2012! Time flies when you're caught in a space-time continuum. If you are here reading this, congratulations on making it another year. If you're not here reading in peace, we'll miss you.

I've been reminded that it's time for me to lie about my New Year's wish list dream of upcoming better days and those things I can do to improve my life. I have a lot to be thankful for. (fingers crossed)

So, dutifully I put fingers to keyboard and try my best to optimistically write out my New Year's Resolutions. Bear with me, this may take awhile.

1.  I resolve in 2012 to never complain about rain, snow, temperatures below 70 degrees, lack of fish, water too low, water too high or rude bastards on the water.

2. I resolve to not make snarky remarks about President Obama...I'll let my vote talk for me.

3. I resolve to wear pants under my waders next year.

4. I resolve to keep my mouth shut before my wife has to tell me.

5. I resolve to be more tolerant and understanding of others with differing views.

There you go and if you don't like my list...go suck eggs!

I wish everyone a prosperous and healthy new year and those of you in cold, snow covered states, remember your president is in Hawaii. 

I thought a fitting ending to this post would be a video from another time with a real message of importance today. To our service men and women...the war is over, welcome home.