Friday, September 16, 2011

A fishing trip worth missing...

On September 13, 2001 I was sitting in a meeting with one of the clients at the agency I worked for at the time. The client was a young man with intellectual disabilities and he was unhappy about something. I was sort of a troubleshooter for the executive director, who would call me an say, "So and so is having a problem but he won't tell anyone what it is. Take him out to lunch or something and see what's going on."

I had that type of relationship with many of the clients at the agency. I loved my job, which I didn't really consider a job. So, I would take the client to lunch or for ice cream or fishing. In this particular case I volunteered to take the client fishing that weekend, knowing that he would start talking while we fished.

The director cleared her throat and asked me whether I had forgotten that I had plans for the weekend already. I shot her a quizzical look and she reminded me that I was getting married that weekend! Oops...  The director thought it was so funny that for a wedding present I got a sign that said "We interrupt this marriage to bring you fishing season." Needless to say, I postponed the fishing trip and made the wedding.

On our 10th anniversary, to my beautiful wife I can only say, I love you and I'll never plan a fishing trip without including you.