Monday, July 18, 2011

Fishing the dirty water... heard right.  The cofisher went fishing today...real water...real fish...and a real human partner (not a bozo!)   Oh yeah and real hot out.  I went out with Justin from Fishtales and Fishtails and had a blast.  Our original plan was to fish for carp, but the gods were smiling on me and we went to Pella Lakes outside of Longmont instead.  Pella holds about every warm water fish imaginable.

Justin was my guide for today since he knows these lakes about as well as the back of his hand.  Justin also sees fish, where all my eyes spot are, well...spots. Did I mention it was hot!

Justin hooked up surprise.  A nice bass came to hand followed by a frog.  Sorry, no picture of the frog.

Justin is amazing at spotting fish and lying a line out to them.

At one point, he spotted a large number of fish about 15 to 20 feet in front of me.  He moved over and said, there you go, about 15 feet out. Unfortunately,  I was in the process of tying a fly on and it took a little time to accomplish that and get my line out.  I don't believe they waited for me to finish.

 Meanwhile back at the ranch, I was giving it my best shot.  I don't do enough lake fishing any more to consider myself any more than a newbie.  I'd like to have a nickel for every bush I caught.  For the glass affectionados, I was fishing a 8' Riffle 5/6 wt. glass rod and an Orvis Green Mountain III reel.  I tried a Zonker type pattern for a bit, but changed when I didn't get any hits.

As soon as I changed to one of Justin's Meat Whistles, I started getting follows.  And on!
I honestly thought it was a carp.  It made one run and then just went into the weeds and laid on the bottom for awhile.

  A nice, fat healthy bass...the biggest I had ever caught on a fly! I was so stunned that after grabbing the fish, I dropped my rod in the water. Go ahead Justin, laugh.  As it was here, I was balancing it on my back.  I'm not experienced in the hero shot pose.

As it got closer to noon, we noticed that the fishing had really slowed and promised each other to do it again...a little earlier in the morning or later in the evening.  Hot!!

Did I mention that we were fishing in slop?

The pause that, muddy feet. Thanks again Justin!