Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last day for contest...more prizes!

What's going on out there?  There have been no entries to the contest yet.  Tomorrow is the last day to get your entry in by 7 PM mountain time.  All you need to do is write a two paragraph post on the following; What fly fishing App would you like to see available for your IPad/IPod or other device and why.  Originality will be be the key.  Humorous will help, but it needs to be something original and not totally outside the realm of possibility.  Doesn't sound too difficult.

And what will you win? You'll win Freshwater Flyfishing Tips from the Pros, an IPod/IPad App by author/flyfisherman Mark D. Williams

If you don't have an IPod or IPad, no sweat. Exchange for a beautiful print from A Year on the Fly or a fly box by English Specialty Fly, a Wheatley-style metal fly box.  

Remember, it only has to be two paragraphs.  Check out this link for the rest of the rules.