Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sharing my favorite outdoor food

The Outdoor Blogger Network (OBN) has again called with a writing prompt, this time asking us to share our favorite outdoor food.  No Way!  Well, I'll talk about it...but I ain't sharing.

This sweet succulent food is one of my favorites.  If you're from the Mid-West, you'll know what I'm talking about-SWEETCORN!   To be more specific, roasted sweetcorn, especially if it's cooked over a campfire rather than a grill.  Now, I'm not too picky when it comes to outdoor cooking.  I love a steak cooked outdoors. Same with hamburgers, potatoes, whatever.  Forget the desert...give me corn on the cob. Several in fact.

If you've ever eaten sweetcorn grown in Ohio, you've been in corn heaven. Freshly picked and thrown on the fire. No need for butter, no need for pepper, no need for anything except more corn please.