Saturday, July 22, 2017

The curse of the Firehole Rangers

Something came up!
I know y'all were looking forward to the next installment of my adventure as an imaginary Firehole Ranger, but something more important came up. Okay, sorry about that...bad old joke.  But seriously, if you write a post poking fun at the Unaccomplished Angler you expect at least a comment or insult from Kirk.  We've got history!  Nothing...Kirk. Werner. Where. Are. You?

So what's so important that it bumped part 2 of my adventure? Well, I voluntarily visited my doctor yesterday.  Between all that's been happening and life's little unexpected surprises, I wasn't feeling tip top. I wasn't drug there by the wife or carted away in an ambulance...I walked in the door on my own. I wanted my old life back!  After hearing all my whining what my complaints were and looking over all my lab results for the past year or so, he looked up and told me that he only had one prescription - Go Fishing!

The doctor cut me back on some of the many medications I've been on and told me that my heart is in good shape and it wasn't likely that I would die while fishing...not counting anything stupid I do along the way. So cheer up folks, it looks like this old bag of wind isn't going anywhere soon, except fishing!