Saturday, January 21, 2017

Another Colorado treasure...A.K. Best

I figured that as long as we're talking about Colorado fly fishing personalities I'd do another post about A.K. Best.  A.K is another guy that I've had the pleasure to meet at Rocky Mountain Anglers and The Fly Fishing Show.

A.K. is one of those fly tiers that keeps you spellbound with his skill and attention to detail and will take the time to talk to fans of his work. If you don't recognize A.K., you might know him as John Gierach's fly fishing companion in many on John's books.


Jay Zimmerman and A.K. Best - Because even Jay needs a hero

I'm including this short video I shot several years ago, not because it's a great video, but because I was amazed at A.K.'s concentration to his craft while doing a demonstration at Rocky Mountain Anglers several years ago.