Wednesday, May 24, 2017

And just like that, there was fishing!

Here in Colorado we're used to strange weather.  When you move from 5280 feet above sea level to over 8000 feet...well you just never know. Even in May. When we left home the weather was nice.  As we headed West towards Rocky Mountain National became obvious that the nearly 3 feet of snow they had a few days before was still hanging around.

But we weren't going to worry about a little snow were we?

I'm not going to try and fool anyone. We wanted nice weather, some clear running water, lots of wildlife and relaxation.  Well, the weather was nice in between rain and snow showers, some of the water was high but still clear, the Elk were in velvet and we had no television or phones.

As usual, our accomdations at Swiftcurrent Lodge were great with a first floor view of the river. The river was higher than what I was used to but clear and cold.

If you ever find yourself in the area of Rocky Mountain National Park, this is a great centrally located place to use for a base of operations.  You're literally a handful of feet away from Park bounderies and a short drive to Estes Park.

I've lived in Colorado for 62 years and have never felt the effects of the high altitude...until now.  First order of business for me was to lie down and let my body catch up to the altitude.  After a short snooze, I woke to find Pam testing the waters.

There wasn't a lot of room here so I played the part of  the cigar chomping videographer. Unfortunately, no fish were caught.

The following day we decided to wait and see what the weather would offer us.  First order of business was going to be a ride into the park.

I don't think I've ever seen the park covered in snow before.  It did cut down on the tourists though.

The elk were in velvet which was also a first for me and they were majestic.  We also saw lots of deer and even some wild turkey.

The gist of the subject was fishing wasn't it?  Well, we did get out one more day before the weather started closing in around us again. The final count was 0 fish caught.