Friday, February 24, 2017

So, it's come to this

Well, we're still stuck in Winter.  So what does a guy who loves to write do when there isn't any fishing going on?  He posts more old photographs.  I've been combing the archives and picking out some of my favorites.

When all else fails...hit the ponds
Fiberglass Flyrodders get together many moons ago on the Arkansas
Green Mountain Reservoir
Anyone else fly fish sitting down?
My buddy Mark on S. Boulder Creek

The one and only Jay Zimmerman putting on a show
My buddy Tim on Boulder Creek
Powerbait fish fly
My buddy Dean on Clear Creek
Heeney, Colorado
Name these bloggers!
Colorado Columbines
Moose are on the loose
Poudre River
Poudre River
Emily (on the right) caught her first fish on a fly rod but didn't want to give it some love
Pam and I on the Arkansas River with my late best buddy Dave.  You are missed Dave.
At the Fly Fishing Show - Those are Hopper Juan Ramirez hoppers
I enjoy getting a little crazy...on the vise
And another
Wet wading the Poudre
Fine accommodations on the Blue River
Canada 1975 - Walleye
Okay Mother Nature...I'm ready to fish!