Friday, July 29, 2016

Looking back and making decisions

I love people, (for the most part) Always have and always will.  From the time I was brought into this world kicking a screaming, I loved to be surrounded by people.  An ex-wife who shall remain nameless used to think that I was crazy because the greatest times in my life were with people who had no business being in the same room together. That usually meant family, school friends, fishing partners, cops and even an old lover or two. Of course, people were more civil and accepting of differences back in those days.

Through the darkest days of Winter, I've always looked to the future knowing Spring was right around the corner. There would be opportunities to fish with old friends, my wife, Pam and perhaps a fellow blogger or two and worse comes to worse, myself.  This year the difference has been striking for me.  I'm no longer comfortable fishing alone and old fishing partners have moved away, passed on or been busy with their own lives.  Such is life.

My first blog post was May 10, 2010. I was trying to teach a person with disabilities how it's done and in the process, found an old lost love...writing and making people laugh a little.  I am sitting here with a little lump in my throat and a tear in my eye as I debate my future as a fly fishing blogger.  I hope you enjoy my look back.

When I was fighting the demons after my heart surgery, it was my family, friends and fellow fishermen that pulled me through those dark days...God bless you all.